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Soil Degradable Mulch Bag System

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Developed by a 30+ year career landscaper who over the decades was very involved in the installation of mulch and ground covers. Bob was always amazed at the amount of plastic waste generated by the retail mulch bag industry. He would install landscapes and generate sometimes hundreds of plastic bags that he had to figure out how to dispose of. He recognized the great benefit of how you could move bagged materials around easily, but it was obvious to him that the typically non recyclable waste generated and left for future generations was just not worth it. So years ago, he started working on a better solution. Since then, Bob has created many different landscape solutions for improving different ground cover materials and their packaging. 

Why not put the package to use? Package as Product... or Purposeful Packaging ™ as Bob likes to call it made sense on so many levels. It required many different opening and closing systems, machinery to manufacture, material types,  and patents put in place. 

After many years of hard work, Weed Recede® was born.  We are now working with and pursuing License partners in order to bring you an innovative Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System that is easy to use, reduces herbicides, and helps eliminate the billions of Single Use Plastic Mulch bags destined for Landfills, Waterways, and Oceans every year. 

The most recent additon... Gutter Guppys â„˘ and Guppy Tails™ Downspout Dampeners helps round out our home solutions landscape offerings. 

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Easily Solving Downspout Erosion Problems

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 WINNER! Most Innovative

      Emerging Business.

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 US Patent 8,935,882 & other patents pending 

              and Canadian Patent 2,766,142

      by License to The Fresh Mulch Company.