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Single Use Plastic Mulch Bag Waste

Single Use Plastic Mulch Bag Waste

Single Use Plastic Mulch Bag Waste
A Year in the Landscape...A Millennium in the Landfill!

The average homeowner works hard on their yard during the weekend and when they finish, they have no choice but to toss their Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags at the curb to be hauled away to the landfill. Many of these bags blow out or fall out of trucks and these wind up in ditches and ultimately break down and move into waterways and oceans. 

 As these bags don't recycle well, these will remain in the environment for a very, very, very, long time. While homeowners work to beautify their landscape..they unknowingly scar the earth for a very long time. Its not that folks are trying to create waste, its just been the only option for a very long time. Every Billion Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags used, opened flat,and disposed of in the US alone every year will cover an area approximately 229,568 acres...or almost 1.2 x the size of New York City, or about 5.5 x the size of all of Disney World in Orlando Florida. That's almost 359 square miles of plastic waste. From our best guess estimates...the number of plastic mulch bags used annually is well over 2 Billion. Weed Recede® has finally come up with a way (4 Utility Patents and Multiple Patents Pending) to overcome this problem. With your support, we are Soon to be at a Garden Center or store near you.

Below are a few examples of the waste currently created when consumers purchase and use Single Use Plastic Mulch/Soil and Garden Bags. Multiply this times millions and millions and millions of homes every year and you can quickly see the problem. 

Pictures of Plastic Bag Waste Generated by the Garden Industry