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Coming Soon... 

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Currently the Billions of Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags aren't typically accepted in the recycling stream, and are destined for landfills and waterways


Rain Downspout Diverter. Solving Rain Diverter erosion problems. Use with Guppy Tails™ Downspout Extension system.

Rock Border System ​

Plant Through Garden Bags

                                                            Winner! Most Innovative

                                                                                      Emerging Business

(Protected by 6 Utility Patents and Multiple Worldwide Patents Pending)

New Technology..... Reduces Herbicides,

Helps Block Weeds, Retains Moisture, 

Honey Bee and Other Pollinators friendly

PURPOSEFUL PACKAGING​tm    No Plastic Bag Waste Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System

​​                     Patented All in One Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System  

             Package as Product™  ---- No Plastic Bag Waste

Weed Recede® Bagged Mulch                   EcoBoundary® Bagged Rock

Why Different Bag Types?

Soil Compostable bags for Organic mulch (wood etc).

Weed Cloth bags for inorganic mulch (Rock, Rubber,etc).

Weed Recede FAQ’s

Billions of Single Use Plastic Mulch Bags are destined for Landfills, Waterways and Oceans every year. Weed Recede sees a better way. 

11 Simple Secrets

a homeowner should know to help stop weeds dead in their tracks.

Weed Recede Bagged Mulch and Weed Recede Bagged Rock

 “Weed Recede Disappearing Mulch Bag System”.


​all products by license to The Fresh Mulch Company

 WINNER! Most Innovative

      Emerging Business.

  • Soon to be available in a market near you....
  • We are looking to license to the right manufacturer(s).
  • Contact us if you or someone you know interested.

Fast and Easy Rock Border/Weed Barrier Installation

Quickly Creates Rock Borders around Homes and Buildings.




Soil Degradable Plant Through Bag.

Helps Block Weeds and Conserve Moisture. 

Just Till in at end of Season.

EZ Underlay System ​

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to many areas....

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Weed Recede® Patented weed cloth barrier bags for inorganic mulch, rubber, rock, sand, shell etc. 

Benefits of using Weed Recede® Zero Waste Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System

  • Helps minimize weeds in landscape . Best Weed Control with our Weed Barrier Mulch Bags
  • Helps retain moisture in your landscape beds. A great sustainability solution.
  • Use less mulch!  Bag helps control weeds so you don't have to apply mulch as thick-2" is typical.
  • Simplifies mulch installation. No ripping, shaking, and dumping plastic mulch bags.
  • Consistent depth. No hassle spreading mulch piles in your landscape beds.
  • Reduce herbicide use. Weed Blocking Mulch Bags = less pulling/spraying weeds.
  • Reduce your impact on the environment. No plastic bags going to the landfill and waterways. Package as Product™
  • Proprietary materials and opening system ensure a bag that is up to the task.
  • Easier than Sheet Mulching. Folks prefer Weed Recede Bags to Sheet Mulch. It's easier to install and lasts longer than paper
Help Eliminate Single Use Plastic Mulch Bag Waste 

Think it doesn't matter?

 1 Billion Plastic mulch bags 32" wide would circle the earth 20.2 times every year.   2 Billion Plastic mulch bags 32" wide would circle  the earth 40.4 times every year. 

Simple and Fast Paver Underlay/Weed Barrier Installation
Pavers Made Easy!

Shipping Now Available

to many areas....

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Mulch Bags

We are honored to announce that our Trademark for ColorPocket® Plant Through, Soil Degradable, Weed Barrier ---Flower/Garden bags just issued! 


Think Beyond Plastic International Innovation Competition
Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association

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        "The Little Guy".

After 3 decades in the Commercial Landscape Industry, Bob and Jim Hawkinson knew there had to be a better way. It made no sense to throw away the billions of bags of single use plastic packaging..."Why couldnt you come up with a really good way to make the package as product"? So for the last many years...Bob has been dedicated to finding the "better way" while his brother Jim continues to run their Landscape company TLC Total Lawn Care. Weed Recede® is the culmination of decades of landscape expertise combined with intelligent packaging methods to make an "All in One" Weed Barrier Mulch Bag Product that will make your life easier.  Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to making your landscape beautiful, and your lawn work much simpler very soon.

We think you are really going to love our products.     My kids and dogs do...LOL   ............Bob

Weed Recede® Patented All in One soil Biodegradable Weed Barrier Mulch Bag System for organic mulch and soils. 

           Purposeful Packaging™

Florida Association of Native Nurseries
DOES IT WORK?   See for yourself...Weeds are present only where bags are not present. Bags were not overlapped in this test to show the product working.  The areas where weeds are present is in between the installed bags and on the edges. There were no herbicides used and no pulling during this 8 month test cycle of plant through ColorPocket bags.
 Weed Recede ColorPocket plant-through soil degradable garden bags, a great back yard garden solution. 

Weed Recede® Weed Barrier Bag starting to soil biodegrade  

            at about 10 months time in this Florida application.  

               (Mulch pulled to the side for this photo)